Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Making satisfying choices

Every day we make choices,  what to wear, or eat,  when to wake up, what to do for the day, who to speak to, where to go, which TV show, book, radio station, website, tweet to pay attention to, which call to make or take, which way to turn...the list is endless.  But what if I asked you to really think about what you want for yourself and your future... you know.. 10 years .. 20 years down the road ...  many of those day to day decisions may not have a direct affect on your future ...but I  can guarantee that the choices you make when it comes to the food you eat, what you drink and how active you are NOW will have far reaching affects on your quality of life for the future.    To think that everything you eat now can determine your health;  blood sugar levels, cognitive ability, mobility, mood, and energy..should make you think twice... I did.  Will you?  Eat the foods you enjoy, in smaller amounts,  notice and pay attention to what you are eating and stop eating when you are full.    Never eat anything that doesn't taste great to you... why waste the time and energy... and get moving in any way you can...  See you in the future.

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