Friday, April 8, 2011

Mind Body Connection #1 Real or Not

As humans, there is an obvious need to protect ourselves.  Growth is also vitally important, even if you are a fully-grown adult, every day billions of cells in our bodies wear out and need to be replaced. For example, the entire cellular lining of the human gut is replaced every seventy-two hours.
             Humans unavoidably restrict their growth behaviors when they shift into protective mode. If you're running from a mountain lion, it's not a good idea to expend valuable energy on growth. In order to survive - that is escape the lion - you summon all your energy for your fight or flight response.    Your levels of Adrenalin and Cortisol increase, which over time have a toxic effect on the system.  Adrenaline is a good response to short term stress, but long-term production of it exhausts us, affects our blood sugar and thyroid levels, suppresses our immune system and makes us prone to illness and tiredness.
You may not be running from a mountain lion, but you do deal with everyday life and the stress it brings.  Here is where the mind body link is most important to understand.
                Your subconscious mind does not distiguish between what is real or imagined (perceived).  If you see or percieve something as a threat on a conscious or subconscious level your body will react to it

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