Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mind Body Connection #2

When you have a thought, your mind sends out signals. This can be in hormones, growth factors, or other chemicals which stimulate oscillations of nerve cells which create a field that influence other nerve and neurons.

In the book, The Emotional Brain, neuroresearcher, Dr. Joseph LeDoux talks about how emotions are hardwired to stimulate our Central Nervous System, which in turn stimulates our Autonomic Nervous System. This is how a sight or even the thought of a sight, cause a bodily reaction.

Do it now--think of something that you dislike or that frightens you.   
How does it physically Feel?

This is how bodily symptoms are related to emotions. Emotions and feelings are not the same. You may not even know (be aware of) that an emotional response is happening. You may have the signs or symptoms of anxiety, such as high blood pressure or sweating for example, but not “feel” anxious. Our emotions are often not at a conscious level.

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