Monday, July 8, 2013

You never stop creating brain cells!!

Aging is a process, yet due to new research and developments we are learning that the our old ideas about aging are not totally correct.   Did you know that you are creating new brain cells daily?  This is amazing.  It has been common knowledge that stem cells (from bone marrow) become organ cells in the body, but now we know that those same stem cells also become neurons in the brain cells.     This is HUGE....You are creating new neurons...the growth of brain cells never stop, therefore you can create new pathways of thinking..."learn, change and grow, think new thoughts, change your mind, create your( the) reality" (Everything you Need to Feel Go(o)d, p.47)

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  1. you really has a way with words Liz, Add me to your blog followers. will be checking out you other posts as well. :)

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